IPO: A Global Guide

In this practical guide to initial public offerings, Philippe Espinasse explains the pros and cons of turning private businesses into listed companies. In straightforward, jargon-free language he details the strategies, procedures, and documentation for different forms of listings, and describes the process of marketing and pricing an international IPO. The guide includes many real-life case studies, sample documents, an extensive glossary of terms, and a review of listing requirements for major stock exchanges. It also discusses recent developments in global equity capital markets. This fully revised paperback edition includes additional case studies, information on recent regulatory changes, and new sections on Malaysia and business trusts in Singapore and Hong Kong.
IPO: A Global Guide is applicable to any financial jurisdiction, including emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Intended for entrepreneurs, market practitioners and students. A private company (let’s use the LinkedIn IPO as an example) has grown very strongly over a period of years and as a result has booked a very good profit. The company wishes to expand on their potential and needs a way to raise a good bit of capital to pull it off.
So the company (the LinkedIn IPO example) hires an IPO underwriter and files with the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) for IPO. This first step in the IPO Process is when the company literally opens its books to the world, showing current earnings, past earnings, risks of investment, underwriting, use of proceeds (what the company will do with the cash it raises from its IPO) and explains the industry background to name a few.


Mechanics and performance of IPOs

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IPOs and Equity Offerings

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The I.P.O.

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International and US IPO Planning

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IPO Banks: Pitch, Selection and Mandate

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